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Solicitors Journal prides itself on being an innovative and forward-thinking publication that delivers legal professionals with comprehensive and premium content on a weekly basis.

Featuring the latest in legal news and legal comment, case law, business management, and career advice, Solicitors Journal sits at the forefront of the legal trade press, unrivalled in providing an independent voice for our readers.

Dedicated to its readers, Solicitors Journal is built around the needs of the modern-day lawyer, and features discussions on a host of current issues, such as law reform and politics, legal aid, and human rights.

Solicitors Journal works tirelessly with an endless list of legal luminaries. We are delighted to have interviewed Dominic Grieve QC and Sadiq Khan MP in the past year, and have a diverse range of authors, such as our editor at large,  Kevin Poulter,  practising barrister Ryan Clement, and senior partner Marilyn Stowe. We are also thrilled to profile the next generation of lawyers, and are pleased to say the Junior Lawyers Division and the Young Legal Aid Lawyers are also regular contributors.

By working collaboratively with recognised and respected industry voices, who share their knowledge and experiences in Solicitors Journal, our readers benefit from unparalleled advice and insight from across the spectrum of legal practice.



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